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Default Re: Druid’s New Duck – ’99 Hydrema-Wiemar M1500

Originally Posted by Shovelhands View Post
Gra, has that Dane mower not got a mulching deck? Something with a mulching deck is the real way forward! And don’t pick the grass up at all!
But you do have to cut regularly, within reason.
'Morning James
both the Countax and the Dane have mulching decks .... but 6" of grass is a bit of a challenge to either of 'em....

the Countax is a double cut for a first one of the season and the sweeper/collector helps dramatically with that one ....
The Dane however, although chopping the hell out of it and coping well with the length, still leaves a trail in its wake ..... 'salorragrass

a twice a week cut is deffo the way forward on minimising collection though

The Countax's collector also helps a lot, but still ends up with a collector full each time.
when it's dry enough, I also put the Countax in behind the Dane, bum hanging off the seat sides, keeping a wheel on the 'deck', in just sweeper mode, to pick up what gets left.
had four collector-fulls yesterday, beside the drive, but'll hopefully not need to do that again for a few weeks, as there's sod all left lying now.

Twice a week also improves on the speed front .... it's having it dry enough to do it !!!
If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!
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